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FAQs related to Working Visa

  1. What is the processing fee for Working Visa ?

​- 60 USD per month.


       2. How much should I pay to get Dependent (Working Visa) for my spouse?

- 60 USD per month.


       3. What additional document do I need to produce to get Dependent visa for my dependents?

- Recommendation letter from concerned line agency (Ministry of Nepal Government) asking DOI to issue Dependent Visa;

- The Recommendation letter should include details of each dependent (name/passport number/ relationship with the main applicant).

      4. If I need to get working visa for 15 days, how much should I pay?

 - It is 30 USD for half a month (15 days). If it exceeds 15 days, it is 60 USD / month. However, number of Visa days depends upon labour permit issued by the Department of Labour. You can apply neither for more or less.

       5. I have three children below 10 years as my Dependents. How much should I pay to get them Dependent (Working) Visa?

- Children below 10 years get Gratis Visa without any charges.

      6. Is my spouse allowed to work?

- No. As a Dependent of Working Visa holder, your spouse is not eligible for taking up jobs. Employment is prohibited. He/she should get separate 'Working Visa' to be able to work.