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FAQs related to Relation Visa

  1. How broad is the relationship basis to get Relation Visa?

- You can establish your relationship with any of your kin related to you by blood (within your three generation) via Relationship Certificate (issued by the concerned Local Government Body)


  1. How long is the Relation Visa?

- It is issued for maximum of one year.


  1. How much should I pay for Relation Visa processing?

- It is 5 USD per month. Additional 60 USD if you need multiple Re entry facility.


     4. What is the minimum time period I can apply for Relation visa?

- You can get it for minimum of one month. Consider opting for tourist Visa if it is for shorter period.  These kinds of Non Tourist Visas are intended for foreign kins of Nepali citizen having to stay in Nepal for longer period of time.


     5. Do I get Relationship Visa at the airport?

- No. It is issued from the Department of Immigration only. You should get Tourist Visa from the airport as your Entry Visa.


     6. Can I get 15 days Tourist Visa at the airport and apply for Non Tourist (Relation Visa) at Department of Immigration and get my visa extended for a month?

- Yes. You can absolutely do so. However, if you are visiting Nepal for shorter period of time, you can consider some other options such as getting Tourist visas for 90 days issued at airport "On Arrival". Relation Visa is meant for foreign passport holders related (by blood) to Nepali citizens who need to stay in Nepal for longer period of time for various reasons. We expect you to be considerate enough not to take this Visa option as means for saving some buck for you.


    7. I cannot bring my kin in person every time I need to renew my visa. What should I do?

- For renewal of Relation Visa (Non Tourist), physical presence of your kin (as mentioned in Relationship Certificate) is mandatory. If it is not possible, you always have options of extending Tourist Visa (if you have not exceeded 150 days limit of Tourist Visa) in a given visa year (January to December). Or you can also get Non Residential Nepali (NRN) card issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


       8. What should I do to get NRN card?

- Contact your closest Nepalese embassies/consulates/diplomatic mission to find out procedures to obtain NRN card.


     9. Am I allowed to work if I hold Relation Visa?

- No. You are allowed to work only after obtaining labour permit from Department of Labour. We at the Department of Immigration can facilitate the process by forwarding your labour permit application to our line ministry (Ministry of Home Affairs). Contact DOI (Non Tourist Visa Section) for details obout necessary documents. You will then have to go to Department of Labour and follow its procedures to obtain work/ Labor permit. 


    10. Can I apply for work/labour permit without having a job at hand?

- No. You can apply only after you are offered job by potential employer.


     11. Do I have to renew work permit every time I renew my Relation Visa?

- Yes, as of now you should renew both your Visas and Work/Labour permit if you work and stay in Nepal for extended period of time.

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