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Department of Immigration

Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

Only Foreign nationals holding working visa are allowed to accept job and work in Nepal.  Working Visa is issued by the Department of Immigration (Non Tourist Visa section) only upon the recommendation from line agency (concerned Ministry of Government of Nepal), Labour Permit from the Department of Labour and Work Agreement (excluding few exceptions) from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Applicants should go through various Government agencies and finally apply at Department of Immigration for the Visa.

 Foreign nationals undertaking paperwork and legal formalities for Work Visa with concerned institutions (Ministry/Department) of Nepal Government can stay in Nepal under 'Tourist Visas'.  His/her category of visa changes from 'Tourists' to 'Non Tourist' once all necessary paperwork is completed and applied  for 'Working Visa' at DOI. Tourist visa gets automatically cancelled when visa category is changed. Length of Working Visa is determined by the period for which work/labour permit has been obtained from the Department of Labour.

  1. Recommendation letter from the concerned Government line agency
  2. Work Permit from Department of Labor
  3. Work Agreement from Ministry of Home Affairs
  4. Appointment/contract letter
  5. Tax clearance of hiring organisation/ institution/agency
  6.  Tax clearance of applicant (for renewal) if taxes has been paid individually
  7. General Agreement  with Social Welfare Council (NGOs/INGOs)
  8. Passport and  Visa Photocopy
  9. Online form (Working) Link to Online Visa Application

Visa Fee: 75 USD/ month

Single Re –Entry Facility: Additional 20 USD

Multiple Re-Entry Facility: Additional 60 USD