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Department of Immigration

Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

Kins  of Nepalese citizen can apply for Relation Visa by producing following documents.

  • Relationship Certificate issued by local bodies establishing relationship with Nepali kin (Original and photocopy) along with supporting documents to verify their relationship.
  • Citizenship certificate of kin (Original and photocopy).
  • Concerned kin should not be foreign passport holder and should be present in person at DOI for the verification formalities. He/she should be related to applicant by blood.
  • Passport and latest visa (photocopy).
  • Online Form  (Relation Visa) Link to Online Visa  application

Relation visa holders are not permitted to work without acquiring 'Work Permit' from Department of Labour. Work Permit procedure, however starts from Department of Immigration. Contact the Department of Immigration, Non Tourist  Visa Section for detail information.

Visa Fee : 10 USD/per month

Single Re-entry facility :  20 USD extra in addition to monthly Visa Fee

Multiple Re-entry facility : 60 USD extra in addition to monthly Visa Fee