Ministry of Home Affairs

Department of Immigration

Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Department of Immigration

Kalikasthan, Kathmandu.

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The Department of Immigration (DOI) is guided by legal framework laid down by Immigration Act, 2049; Immigration Regulation, 2051 & Immigration Procedure, 2065 and thus derives functions of issuing Visa, Trekking Permit, detaining and investigating on violations or breaching of the Immigration laws of country and filing lawsuits in the court. These functions are administered through DOI office (Kathmandu) and ten Entry and Exit points including Immigration office, TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport).

On Arrival tourist visas are issued by Immigration Offices at Entry and Exit points except Immigration office, Pokhara. Immigration office, Pokhara extends Tourist Visa and issues trekking permits for restricted areas trekking unlike other Entry and Exit points. Tourist visa extension can be done from the Department of Immigration (DOI), Kathmandu. Non Tourist visa is issued and extended only from the DOI office, Kathmandu.

  1. Can I take job or work if I hold Study Visa?

- No. You are not allowed to work –paid or unpaid—under your Student Visa. Student Visas are issued to students pursuing their academic and non academic courses in Nepal.


  1. I would like to apply for Study Visa (Volunteer). What additional documents do I need to produce?
     You should produce following additional documents along with other documents needed for regular Study Visa:-

- Recommendation letter from Ministry of Education,

- Work Agreement from Ministry of Home Affairs,

- Recommendation letter from Institution receiving volunteer in Nepal.

- Also Labour Permit from the Department of Labour (only for paid volunteer work)


  1. Do I need to show my bank statement even though I am here on fully funded student exchange program?​

- Yes. We need to make sure that you have a bank account with sufficient fund to cover your expenses during your stay in Nepal.


  1. I would like to apply for Study Visa to work (Teaching). What are the required documents?​

- Recommendation letter from Ministry of Education

- Labour Permit issued by Department of Labour

- Work Agreement issued by Ministry of Home Affairs

- Other Documents (Appointment letter, tax clearance, copies of passport and Visa)

- Online form (Study)

      5. How much should I pay to get Study Visa (Teaching)?

- 40 USD per month.


      6. How is my Visa Fee determined for Study Visa (Teaching)?

- Total number of days is calculated by deducting end date of your Labour Permit (as mentioned in Work Permit issued by the Department of Labour) from visa issue date. Total numbers of days are then divided by 30. Half a month visa fee (i.e 20 USD) is charged for less than or equal to 15 days. A whole month fee (i.e 40 USD) is charged for any number of days exceeding 15 days.


  1. What is the minimum amount of bank balance for Non Academic Program?​

- 1500 USD for six months /per individual.  Additional 1000 USD per dependent (spouse/children of 10 years and above)


  1. What is the minimum balance for  Academic Program?​

- 3000 USD for six months /per individual per annum. Additional 2000 USD per dependent (spouse/children of 10 years and above)


  1. Is it mandatory to produce my progress/Academic report card for the renewal or extension of my Study visa?​

- Yes. It is mandatory.


  1. I have a Tourist Visa. What happens if I change my visa status to Study Visa before my Tourist visa expires?​

- Your Tourist Visa gets cancelled.  As you will have changed the category of your visa from Tourists to Non-Tourist, your new visa date starts from the day your Study visa is issued.


  1. What determines the beginning date of a student Visa?​

- The beginning date of your Student Visa is the date specified in your Recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education.


  1. How much should I pay for a Dependent Visa for my children below 10 years?​

- It is issued for free. Minor below 10 years gets Gratis visa.


  1. What are the documents I need to produce for a regular (non volunteer non teaching) study visa?​

- Visit the link

  1. What are the visa fees for a volunteer study visa?​

- 40 USD per month. It can be issued for free only if recommended to do so by concerned line Ministry (Ministry of Education) based on pre-existing agreement.


  1. What are the visa fees for a regular (non teaching non volunteer study visa)?​

- It depends upon your academic program and your nationality. please visit the link for details.

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